The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz: Part 1, Chapter 8

In his final draft Mordecai Richler made small changes to the syntax making the work more concise. Richler also made small changes to detail such as changing Benjy’s name from Morris and the initial description of Simcha as “a grizzly man”. From this draft there is also the omission of Simcha comparing his patrons to old women for gossiping and the addition of a description of Simcha’s garden early on in the chapter. There is also the omission of Benjy and Ida taking Simcha for drives as well as the statement that Simcha was never pitied and Simcha’s concern with “old men giving (me) looks”.


Borrelli, Amanda; Falvo, Alisha; Gowralli, Ishmael; Kippin, Genista; Phillips, Emma.