Merry Christmas From the Front

War doesn't stop the tradition of exchanging season's greetings at Christmas.  This exhibit of Christmas cards, pulled from the archives of The Military Museums Library and Archives (University of Calgary), the Archives of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, the Archives of the Kings Own Calgary Regiment, the Archives of the Calgary Highlanders, and the Archives of Lord Strathcona's Horse, selects exemplars from various soldiers' papers. 

Most of the Christmas cards and ephemera on display come from the collections of individual people—soldiers or their friends and family—who received these items, treasured them for generations, and then donated them to one of the five archives at The Military Museums. Every item has a story attached to it.  To learn more about where these cards come from, and to view them, front and back, in greater detail please click on the image, or visit the archives online at


Jason Nisenson, Jim Bowman, Don Sucha, Al Judson, Todd Giberson