All The Year Round Cover Page


All The Year Round Cover Page


The opening page of the January 25th, 1868 publication of All The Year Round radically differs from the transatlantic counterpart. Unlike in Harper’s Weekly, All The Year Round opens with Collins narrative yet lacks the authors name on the page, only alluding to Collins through his publication of “The Woman in White”. There is clearly an attempt on Charles Dickens to cater his magazine towards a broad literary inclined audience. While lacking detailed pictures and robust advertisements, the weekly publication is constructed towards a more literate focused audience. Before the title of the weekly journal rests a quote from Shakespeare, as this is noteworthy for the use of time within The Moonstone. Despite the complexity of understanding Shakespeare, Dickens deliberately uses a direct, straightforward quote alongside the statement expanding, “with which is incorporated household words” to potentially cater the narrative towards middle and lower-class readers. The format of the journal is easier for readers to follow along with the narrative by including larger font and reducing the number of distractions to exclusively focus on the emphasis of the literary text. As mentioned earlier, the layout of All The Year Round is designed to make reading the narrative physically easier and enjoyable with the larger font size. Taken from a letter addressed to Collins mother, he states that, “he [Dickens] predicts that this will be the most successful book I have ever written,” While this proclamation by Dickens towards the publication of The Moonstone does promote Collins work, it also elevates the personal gain the publisher of All The Year Round gains by supplying the Victorian audience with such a popular novel.


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